Samsung Galaxy TabPro S - a tablet with the Windows-keyboard


The main flaw of the Android-devices is not actual for the Samsung Galaxy TabPro. I mean the so-called fragmentation - the absence of the latest system updates. Here we have Windows 10 with all the consequences. And to be precise, Windows 10 Professional, although there is an option of "Ten simple", also known as Windows 10 Core. All the updates that will be released for it, will be set on the tablet without question.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S. Start screen

We can follow from here that there is just nothing particular to describe. If you are interested in Windows 10, it is better to read our review there is everything you need.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S. Start screen. Pic 2

We can only note here that the tablet mode is default, and that is quite logical. However, with an attached keyboard it almost does not make any sense.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S. Notifications panel

Windows 10 can be customized there is complete freedom of action here. But nobody does it - the standard interface is much better.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S. Task Manager

It is more or less convenient for sensor devices, although the classic apps are overfull with small controls.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S. Options

Samsung only added to the tablet a couple of special programs that are supposed to improve the experience of using it.

Galaxy Settings. Samsung Galaxy TabPro S. Pic. 1

Galaxy Settings. Samsung Galaxy TabPro S. Pic. 2

The task of Galaxy Settings is clear from the title these are some additional settings. In fact, there is an option of activating the maximum energy savings when the battery is low, and even the choice of display profiles - this is what I wrote above in the display section. All other units relate to the text: a license, a user manual, and the like.

Scrap Box. Samsung Galaxy TabPro S. Pic. 1

Scrap Box. Samsung Galaxy TabPro S. Pic. 2

Scrap Box. Samsung Galaxy TabPro S. Pic. 3

Another kind of business application is Scrap Box. It is something like the touch-drawing tool, but rather a program for taking notes in the screenshots. It also may be useful.

SideSync. Samsung Galaxy TabPro S. Pic. 1

SideSync  Samsung Galaxy TabPro S. Pic. 2

Another kind of business application is Scrap Box. It is something like the touch-drawing tool, but rather a program for taking notes in the screenshots. It also may be useful.

Windows Store. Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

As for the rest, the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S will manage any application, whether it is a professional tool for the development or creation of content, or the heaviest 3D-game. Of course, not everything will work quickly and beautifully, but it will run this is for sure.


I liked the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S. Seriously, it is a tablet that you want to hold in hands and enjoy. It is more than enough as a replacement for a laptop or ultrabook, unless you are rendering there animated films lasting for two hours.

The tablet turned out to be quite productive and possessing decent specs. Of course, the need to fiddle with adapters for USB Type-C really upsets, but on the other hand, it is smaller than its competitors, and works longer on a single charge. Besides, it has an advantage of slim body and light weight for the 12-inch screen.

As for the display - this is clearly the most powerful component of the device. I have been waiting for a long time for a device with full Windows and OLED display - and here it is. The Super AMOLED Matrix is increasing in its size, and it is admirable. The screen on the Galaxy TabPro S looks great, it has an excellent color reproduction, wide viewing angles, and a deep black color. In general, if the function of display is essential to you, it makes sense to pay attention to the Korean tablet.

I can only remind about its metal body and attractive design. The device looks solid and expensive. The keyboard is also pretty good: thin, with large keys, protects the body of the tablet and, that is the most important, allows you to set the tablet on your laps. However, the inability to expand the memory with microSD cards is a bit disappointing. So how much does it cost?

Galaxy TabPro Ss Price

The Samsung Galaxy TabPro S with 4G-module is available for $899.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

The situation with the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 looks more interesting. The variant of the tablet with similar to the Galaxy TabPro Ss configuration costs about $899. At the same time, it has a slot for microSD cards. However, the device is thicker, heavier, has lower battery life, and is sold without a keyboard. But there is an opportunity to purchase any configuration to your taste. Thus, the most advanced variant with Core i7, 16GB (!) Of RAM and 512GB SSD will cost $2099.

Apple iPad Pro 12,9

Apple iPad Pro 12,9

The Apple iPad Pro 12.9 "is also to some extent a competitor of the Galaxy TabPro S. In its basic configuration, it costs $799. Cheap? Sure. But let us remember that this is a version with 32 GB of memory and without 4G-module. Do not forget about the Smart keyboard, which is available for $169, and at the same time about difficulties that arise everywhere in iOS. Whatever you try, but so far, there is nothing better for work than Windows.

Besides, there are such devices as the Lenovo Yoga 900 and HP Spectre X2, but the former is more of a notebook-transformer, and the latter is already a bit out-of-date. By the way, you can pay attention to the Microsoft Surface 3, if you need a cheaper variant.


  • excellent screen Super AMOLED;
  • perfect quality of performance;
  • metal body;
  • small thickness;
  • low weight for this type of device;
  • good autonomy;
  • support of USB Type-C connector;
  • keyboard-cover included;
  • handy keyboard layout;
  • decent cameras;
  • support of NFC.


  • only one USB Type-C interface connector;
  • no slot for microSD memory cards;
  • inconvenient location of the power button with respect to the Start button on the tablets edges;
  • lower productivity compared to the analogues.

One may comment about the Galaxy TabPro S in the section of comments below.

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