Samsung Galaxy TabPro S - a tablet with the Windows-keyboard

Windows 10-tablet with a keyboard

On the one hand, the keyboard seems to be included in the packaging, but on the other hand, it serves as a part of the cover. In general, Samsung promotes the Galaxy TabPro S as a device with the keyboard as a necessary part, so it is sold only with the keyboard included. In the future, possibly, they will represent a cheaper version without the keyboard, but nowadays this is not the case.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S case

The keyboard has a side effect - it is used as the cover for the Galaxy TabPro S. It protects the device on the both sides.

The cover for the Galaxy TabPro S

The back of the cover is easy to recognize - here the camera is protruding, and at the same time two folds can be seen.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S with keyboard

The folds need to set the tablet in the "laptop" position. This is performed very easily with just a single hand movement. Then the magnets find each other, and you can start working. In 2015, we tested the Prestigio Visconte 3 [], another tablet with a detachable keyboard. There the transformation was much more difficult - the author had a hard time while trying to attach it correctly. Here the situation is much better.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S with keyboard. Back view

Another undeniable advantage of the keyboard - its tough support. It was absolutely impossible to use the above-mentioned Prestigio on your laps - the tablet just sank. However, there are no such problems with the Galaxy TabPro S. Of course, it has some instability, yet it is not a typical laptop, but still it is quite convenient to use it on the knees. That means, you can easily take it with you without any problems - thus, it could potentially replace a laptop.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S. Keyboard

Now let us pay our attention to the layout. We tested the tablet from "Americans" with no Cyrillic keyboard. But it does not matter, now it is important to estimate its size and ease of use. And here everything is just fine. Still, it is a 12-inch device, which means that the keys can be made conveniently sized, with no reducing of the layout itself.

The keypad arrow Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

Your attention is attracted by two big keys [Shift], and a long key [Backspace], there is a good turnout unit. In general, everything like in a decent laptop.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S. Hookup keyboard

Five contacts can be seen above the keyboard. They are joined to the tablet, and after that the keyboard starts working.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S. Touchpad

The touchpad is small, but there is nothing to be done - the space is really limited. Here it is purely nominal, but nevertheless is comfortable to use. We can recall again the horrible Prestigio tablets touch panel, and it is not even nearly as good as this one. The TabPro S has left and right mouse clicks, and the surface itself is smooth, with a good catch of a finger movement. In terms of ergonomics, the keyboard for the Galaxy TabPro S is made rather well. In addition to its primary function, it also serves as a cover for the tablet. The layout is comfortable and, generally, the device resembles a real laptop, while being in the laptop mode. It is a pity, of course, that there is no keyboard connectors or an additional battery, but this is the price for a small thickness and weight economy.

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