HP Slate 7 is a 7-inch Android 4 Tablet PC with good sound


HP Slate 7 desktop. Pic. 1 HP Slate 7 desktop. Pic. 2

HP Slate 7 applications HP Slate 7 widgets

Apart from the Android 4.1.1. the HP Slate 7 almost doesnt have any preinstalled applications.

Chrome Browser on HP Slate 7. Pic. 1 Chrome Browser on HP Slate 7. Pic. 2

Chrome Browser on HP Slate 7. Pic. 3 Chrome Browser on HP Slate 7. Pic. 4

The exception is the Google Chrome browser, which recently have become a part of the standard software package for many manufacturers.

HP ePrint on HP Slate 7. Pic. 1 HP ePrint on HP Slate 7. Pic. 2

Moreover, HP added the HP ePrint application. This is a mobile client for the HP ePrint Center cloud print service, supported by a number of new printer models of the company. A user will be able to send documents, images and web-pages to printer from a mobile device using his/her own account on the HP ePrint Center. The server then sends the documents to any of the users/organizations/public services emails registered at the HP ePrint Center. Further the printer receives the document by email and prints it.

HP ePrint on HP Slate 7. Pic. 3

Thus, one doesnt have to use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth while connecting the gadget to a printer. There is no need to install any drivers as well. The HP ePrint makes it possible to print using the equipment located in the same room with the user, as well as using remote, for instance, office equipment. There is only one condition that is to be observed the printer that supports that kind of operation is to have constant internet connection.

beats.audio settings on HP Slate 7. Pic. 1 beats.audio settings on HP Slate 7. Pic. 2

The device has one software improvement beats audio, which is meant to get better sound quality. The software amplifies the low frequencies, and makes the upper and the middle ranges clearer. The beats audio on and off modes are not really noticeable while listening to music using the devices speakers. The difference becomes prominent when using the headphones.

HP Slate 7 music player. Pic. 1 HP Slate 7 music player. Pic. 2

HP Slate 7 produces loud and clear sound, yet it lacks bass sound. The bass sound can be received when turning the beats audio function on. The settings offer three modes: Beats-in-Ears, beats-out-of-ears and passive beats. It is the low frequencies focusing that makes the difference between the modes. The Beats-In-Ears technology creates the main impression. On the other hand the technology offers nothing new, the same effect can be easily reached by using equalizer in any of the players available on the Google Play Store.

About HP Slate 7

Generally, that is all about the HP Slate 7 software peculiarities. All the rest is the standard Android 4.1, which is well-known among the great amount of users.

It is also worth mentioning that HP slate is connected to a computer as a media device, not a USB-device. As for Windows 7 and 8 that peculiarity creates no problems, while when used with Windows XP some difficulties while copying files using Explorer may appear.


HP Slate 7 creates favorable impression for a device of its class. It is compact, quite convenient, offers enough performance, and quite good sound characteristics. The HP ePrint option may be useful for those who have already bought a modern HP printer. On the other hand, the display glance, poor camera and lack of GPS and radio receiver are definitely the shortcomings of the device. HP Slate 7 wins thanks to powerful graphics and enough autonomous operation time.

Eventually, we get a budget tablet PC, which is mainly fit for use at home or in the office. The device fits best for watching movies or reading books in bed, it can be applied as a notebook or a reference book during the conference, of course if you are ready to acquire the office software.

The HP Slate 7s life on the market greatly depends on its cost the brand markup, the quality and the support for the device should be advantageous in comparison to its Chinese competitors of the same class. Judging from that standpoint the device prospects are not really clear.


HP Slate 7 price in the USA is $139. And that is a good offer. One should agree that is not much more expensive than Chinese gadgets, especially taking into consideration the brand markup, and the devices characteristics have no significant difference; especially, if GPS is off the game. However, lets first study the market leaders offers.



ASUS MeMO Pad HD ME173X costs $30 more. For that price one gets display resolution of 1280x800 pixels and Android 4.2 OS.

ASUS Nexus 7

ASUS Nexus 7

And, of course, one shouldnt forget about the ASUS Nexus 7. Given that the latter has no 3G-module, but still equipped with Tegra 3 and 8GB flash memory the total device price is going to be $110.

It is worth mentioning as well that these devices support GPS and has radio receivers.


  • Good sound
  • Remote print option
  • Quite good display quality
  • High assembly quality
  • Good Performance
  • Powerful graphics


  • No GPS
  • No FM-receiver
  • Poor camera characteristics
  • No 3G variant of the device
  • Poor set of the pre-installed software, clean Android
  • Glaring display

One may comment about the HP Slate 7 Tablet PC in the section for comments below or on our forum.

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