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Swype - alternative keyboard for iOS

Download Swype for iOS 8.

And here is the legendary app Swype. Why is it legendary? Because thanks to its developer, the company Swype Inc., the world has another trademark Swype, which has become a common name, as once Pampers or Xerox. Swype is a combination of the words swipe and type, which became the name for method of inputting a text.

Swype. Pic. 1 Swype. Pic. 2

In any case, now the "swype" is used in many apps, so the founder will have to do his best to keep up with the competitors.

Swype. Pic. 3 Swype. Pic. 4

Traditionally lets start with the covers. Theres no possibility of adding the users image, and the choice of installed ones is quite narrow.

Swype. Pic. 5

There is a comma and a period; additional characters are available only in one keyboard a dark one. But technically, other covers have additional characters too, you should only "tap" on the special button.

Swype. Pic. 6

Actually, about swype. The method works in the same way as in other keyboards. "Hey where are you" can be typed with no efforts in 2-3 seconds, for more complex and rare words the dictionary is used.

Swype. Pic. 7

The only difference we noticed is non-trivial use of swype. For example, to select some additional character, you can press the "? 123" and holding your finger, slide to the necessary character. A comma from the button with a comma to a spacebar, everything non-stop. After some practice and memorizing the location of characters, you can achieve amazing results in the speed of typing.

Swype. Pic. 8 Swype. Pic. 9

Language selection is performed by a long "tap" on a spacebar. The keyboards settings can be accessed only from the keyboard itself by "tap" on the company's icon and selecting "gears".

Swype. Pic. 10

The list of settings is standard. In general, the keyboard is quite good, but it has nothing special to be distinguished among the competitors. If once it was the only one to offer Swype, now it doesnt have such an advantage.

TapTap Keyboards the simplest keyboard for iOS

Download TapTap Keyboards for iOS.

Weve run out of the loud names, so now lets take a look at less famous keyboards. One of them is TapTap Keyboards for iOS 8. We liked availability of the Russian language and the most flexible settings of covers.

TapTap Keyboards. Pic. 1

Actually, this keyboard is the simplest of all the apps, included in our review. There are no additional characters, periods or commas, or swype - nothing. Only problems with hitting the Shift key in the Russian layout.

TapTap Keyboards. Pic. 3 TapTap Keyboards. Pic. 4

The only thing that can attract the user the settings of the cover. At first glance, there is nothing particular, even the option to choose your background is not available.

TapTap Keyboards. Pic. 5 TapTap Keyboards. Pic. 6

However, you can choose the color that can be the envy of ai.type Keyboard or Swype. However, we have not managed to establish the difference between the "colors" and "themes". Either the developer confused something, or overthought. So you can create your own design only for the classical (according to TapTap Keyboards) form of the keyboard.

TapTap Keyboards. Pic. 7

In the settings among all the "likes" only keypress sound can be found. There is neither auto-capitalization, nor a period by double tapping of a spacebar, to say nothing of word prediction.

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