Windows 7: let glance after to the curtain of the secret

Windows 7: let glance after to the curtain of the secretAlmost two years ago Windows Vista operational system was ready for release. But it release was two months later 01.30.2007. During two months from the system??s release till the appearing of it in the shop, a lot of enthusiast ant that who likes to test something new, downloaded it on the computers, and it was able to be seen on our forum that was full of questions like ???where are the Windows Vista drivers????.

Half a year later we have observed cardinal another questions like: ???I??ve bought a laptop, hate Windows Vista, and have set XP, where can I find the drivers for XP???? With the course of time that questions were became more and more and they exist till this time. It obliged us to write the article how to search the needed drivers for laptops with OS Widows XP.

The Microsoft work didn't get going with corporate market. And it has more impact. These are tens of thousands computers. And if Vista was downloaded on them, for sure there users may want to download it on home computers, to solve a problem quickly on Home PC and so different OS versions won??t affect the speed of the solving.

Mass media became to talk gingerly, linked on the different companies?? sources of information, that if corporations will move to another Widows version, there is every likelihoodthat it will be the next generation of OS. Microsoft influenced it with the announcement that there will not so long time OS development, like Vista had. At the beginning the Microsoft affirmed boldly that there will be no more than 2 years between the releases of new OS generations. But then there were not talks on the topic. And it is not surprisingly, because the next Windows release should been took place three months after the start of Vista sales.

Rather interesting situation occurred with Windows code names. From the beginning we??d like to remind that Windows 2000 has the ordinal version number ?? 5.0. Windows XP ?? 5.1, Windows Server 2003 (and Server 2003 and XP 64-bit Edition) ?? 5.2. 6.0 version should have the OS with Blackcomb code name, and before it one more OS with code name Longhorn was planed with version index 5.x (between 5.2 and 6.0). But at the end Microsoft decided to reject the Blackcomb, implanted a number of planned innovations in the Longhorn and released it with Windows Vista official name that got the 6.0 version.

From the beginning next Windows version was known as Vienna, but inside the company it figured more often as ???Windows Seven???. By the end Microsoft accepted ???unofficial??? code name Windows 7 as official one. It was done to reduce the confusion as Microsoft has stated.

But with the inside version is not all clear. Judging by the demonstrated builds Windows 7 has 6.1 kernel version. And looking at the list of modifications and innovations there will be a lot of distinctions between Windows Vista and Windows 7. But they will not be cardinal. Exemplarity they will as Windows 2000 and XP have. Not for nothing the drivers for the first OS do for the second one almost for 100 %. It is because of kernel??s similarity. Running ahead we??d like to notice that Vista drivers do for Windows 7 partially. But Microsoft is able to change the inside OS version to the 7.0 before the final release, and then bare discord will disappear by itself. But the sense of our small ???tirade??? is the following: don??t wait for principal changes in Windows 7. Everything indicates for it will be got into shape Windows Vista.

And now there are some words about the preliminary builds. Then the 6589 version followed. Task Manager was modified in it. Next build was 6780 in what some standard applications had the interface like Microsoft Office 2007 has. And at least build 6933, that was demonstrated at the recently passed conference PDC 2008. There are more modifications in it. Among them there is new Taskbar.

Ad interim there is the 6801 build leakage in Internet. And we could get it copy in our availability. It helped us to examine the rough modifications level in Windows 7 as compared with Vista. We??d like to tell about the results in this article.

We used Fujitsu Siemens ESPRIMO V5535 laptop for the new OS download. Notice, that it is middle class mobile computer with Intel Pentium Dual Core T2390 (1.86 GHz) processor, with very small for Vista RAM of 1 GB. As a chip set we??ve used SiSM672 with integrated kernel SiS Mirage Graphics 3.

System Properties

System Properties

We??ve got the 64-bit Windows 7. SiS UniVGA 5 drivers do for it perfectly. They are available from our catalogue. And sound HD Audio Realtek codec and Net Manager Wi-Fi from Atheros the system founded correctly and set drivers for them. We didn??t set other units. Our aim was to verify new features of Windows 7 but not to test it on the compatibility with equipment.

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