Samsung E1200 Mobile Phone Review

Samsung E1200 Mobile Phone ReviewToday, it seems that any keyboard single block can be a simple phone. However, it is not true. Many models have a camera, support for mobile Internet and even offer to read Facebook on a tiny little screen with tens of thousands of pixels.

However, Samsung E1200 does not accept any compromises in this regard. It's really a simple mobile phone: it has no camera, no memory card slot, it cant even take FM-radio, to say nothing of mobile internet. At least it has some games and can make calls and SMS. Obviously, it is not the best phone of 2014 or even of 2012 - since that time E1200 hasnt been produced. By the way, for some reason it is called Samsung Pusha.

So, what can be remarkable about this model and for whom was it created? It's clear that the main advantage of the push-button phone E1200 is the price. But maybe it has something else?


Samsung GT-E1200

Samsung E1200 design is simple and quite elegant. It is performed in modern traditions. For example, all corners and edges are rounded. The only exception is a square screen.

Samsung GT-E1200 top view

Functional keys and call/reject keys are combined in pairs. The digital keypad has separate buttons. They are arranged closely to each other. The contour of the digital keypad, as well as fonts and iconographic elements bring to the design some dynamism and practicality.

Samsung GT-E1200 rear case

The designers also skillfully use different textures in the body. Combination of matte and glossy surfaces, glossy and grooved elements sustain dynamics and make a monochrome phone not so boring.

For example, the back cover is made of matte texture, but contains four glossy strips.

Samsung GT-E1200 rear view

The monoblocks overall design is quite good, and seems to be competitive in around 2004, at the time when simple mobiles held sway.

Connectors and Controls

Samsung GT-E1200 speaker

All the controls of Samsung E1200 are located on the front panel. This is a five-way navigation button, two functional keys, a call and a reject button and alphanumeric keyboard.

Samsung GT-E1200 keyboard

The keyboard is made not too close to the bottom of the phone, so dialing a number with one finger is quite convenient. In addition, the buttons have a decent size - even elderly people can use them easily. The device provides a stronger grip and does not slip from the hand.

Samsung GT-E1200 keyboard lightning

Functional buttons and call / reject keys are grouped in pairs. It may be not very convenient for precise pressing. On the contrary, the navigation button is unambiguous and does not allow mistakes when navigating through menus. The buttons are located close to each other, but their rows are separated by small depressions. In general, the keyboard raises no objections. Even the lighting is performed very well it is even and well seen in the dark.

Samsung GT-E1200 right side

Theres only one connector - for the charger and headset.

Samsung GT-E1200 connector

It is located on the right side of the phone and is covered with a plastic cap. Please note that it is a non-standard connector. This is not micro USB, but old branded. Thus, it is better not to lose the charger, for you will not be able to charge the phone quickly from the PC.

Samsung GT-E1200 left side

Samsung GT-E1200 bottom side

Samsung GT-E1200 top side

Theres nothing on the right, top and back side. Absolutely all interactions with accessories and the PC are performed via the only proprietary connector.

Disassembled Samsung GT-E1200

The SIM-card slot is located under the battery.

Samsung GT-E1200 SIM-card slot

To get into the battery compartment, you need to remove the back cover. It is removed easily and with no efforts.


The screen of the push button telephone E1200 is quite small - 1.52 inches. Its resolution is 128x128 pixels. The number of colors is 65 thousand. A display with such characteristics looks very weak in comparison with modern gadgets. We dont even talk about smartphones. For example, smart watches have a similar size diagonal, but higher definition.

In reality, the Samsung E1200 screen does not look as bad as you would expect. There is no high definition, but the brightness is good enough, and the colors are quite vivid. Of course, it makes no sense to look at the photos, it does not even have such a possibility, but all the menu items are clearly visible. There is no problem to see the number of incoming calls or to read SMS in the sun.

Therefore, it is quite an acceptable screen for a phone in this price range.

Samsung E1200 Specifications

The range of cheap push-button phones Samsung looks pretty boring. Although what else can we expect if the only thing that can attract attention to such a phone is the price? Besides E1200, there is a push-button telephone E1202I, which is equipped with 2 SIM-cards. There is also E1205 - it has an FM-radio. The model E1190 is clamshell. But in general, the characteristics of the line Samsung E are quite poor. The series of push-button phones Samsung B is much more functional, but the prices are about 2 times higher.

Samsung GT-E1200 spescifitcations

Samsung E1200 is just a simple phone. It hasnt got anything, even radio. We can also mention the phones lightweight. The processor is weak it is single-core with the frequency of 208 MHz. But even this is enough to provide fast switching of the menu and launching the simplest games.

The battery has a capacity of 800 mAh. At first glance, it's not much, but seems to be enough for even more than a day, if we take into consideration the devices low energy use. The manufacturer promises up to 530 minutes of talking time or 720 hours of waiting time.

Samsung has chosen for this phone the connector S20 Pin. It resembles the companys old connectors, but it was rather difficult to find a compatible charger. We would recommend to the customers to take care of the charger and headset, which uses the same connector.


Nowadays soft to push-button phones sometimes resembles the one, which is used in smartphones. But in case of E1200 everything is very simple and even primitive. What else can we expect from a cheap push button phone?

Samsung GT-E1200 desktop Samsung GT-E1200 menu

The menu of Samsung E1200 is not striking in its diversity. Here we can find only the most necessary functions.

Samsung GT-E1200 call log. Pic .1 Samsung GT-E1200 call log. Pic .2

Call History provides the ability to track the calls.

Samsung GT-E1200 contacts. Pic .1 Samsung GT-E1200 contacts. Pic .2 Samsung GT-E1200 contacts. Pic .3

Phone book allows you to attribute only two phone numbers and one name to each record. The number of entries - 200. The phones memory capacity is 8 MB.

Samsung GT-E1200 calendar. Pic .1 Samsung GT-E1200 calendar. Pic .2

Calendar will provide an opportunity to make a couple of notes and mark an important meeting.

Sudoku on Samsung GT-E1200. Pic .1 Sudoku on Samsung GT-E1200. Pic .2

Game - Sudoku to pass the time. There are no other games, and it is not clear how to install them.

Samsung GT-E1200 notes. Pic .1 Samsung GT-E1200 notes. Pic .2

Notes - a tool for simple text notes.

Samsung GT-E1200 alarm. Pic .1 Samsung GT-E1200 alarm. Pic .2 Samsung GT-E1200 settings. Pic .1 Samsung GT-E1200 settings. Pic .2

Samsung GT-E1200 settings. Pic .3 Samsung GT-E1200 settings. Pic .4 Samsung GT-E1200 settings. Pic .5 Samsung GT-E1200 settings. Pic .6

Samsung GT-E1200 settings. Pic .7 Samsung GT-E1200 settings. Pic .8

Also the main menu includes Alarm clock and Settings.

Samsung GT-E1200 applicationgs. Pic .1 Samsung GT-E1200 applicationgs. Pic .2 Samsung GT-E1200 applicationgs. Pic .3 Samsung GT-E1200 applicationgs. Pic .4

Samsung GT-E1200 applicationgs. Pic .5 Samsung GT-E1200 applicationgs. Pic .6 Samsung GT-E1200 applicationgs. Pic .7

In "Applications" you can find a currency converter, a calculator, a stopwatch and world time.


Samsung E1200 is too simple mobile phone. It is intended only for calls and SMS. The quality of connection with the phone is quite good.

We may be grateful to the manufacturer for the game that will help to pass the time, but a much more useful function would be a built-in LED flashlight. An additional source of light will not be superfluous, and it has become a norm for the phones of this class from other manufacturers.

In general, the device has decent design and quality of assembling. It has almost no flaws (though functions too). The screen is not as bad as might be expected with such characteristics. We should pay a special attention to the price - because if you buy a simple phone, youd better not pay anything extra for it, and here the offer of Samsung E1200 is the most pleasant.

Samsung E1200 price

Samsung E1200 can be bought for $15. It will not be easy to find a price competitor.

Nokia 105

Nokia 105

Nokia 105 is a simple phone too. It also costs $15. However, unlike Samsung E1200, It can boast of 1.4-inch screen, a phonebook for 500 numbers and an FM-tuner.

Alcatel One Touch 1010D

Alcatel One Touch 1010D

Alcatel One Touch 1010D costs even less - $12. Like Nokia, it has 1.4-inch display and FM-radio, but the battery capacity is twice less - only 400 mAh, and the book has only 100 numbers.

Philips E120

Philips E120

If you add $5, you can buy Philips E120 for $20. The higher price will allow increasing the screen size to 1.7 inches, getting the module Bluetooth, GPRS support, an audio player and a slot microSD for memory cards. The battery remains the same - for 800 mAh, but the operating time will decrease, though only a little.


  • Reasonable price
  • Compact size
  • Lightweight
  • Pretty good body
  • Bright screen
  • Great working time


  • The most minimal functionality
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