The Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 Review. The Second Generation Minimalism

The Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 Review. The Second Generation MinimalismFor today the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Mini is one of the most popular smartphones on the market. The phones secret of success is the most evident the phone is really cheap. It is actually one of the most affordable devices on the market that can be bought if needed just for $130. At the same time the lucky owner would get the device with good quality and proprietary software shell.

Still rest on the laurels is the bad strategy and in the month of February of this year a change for a popular low-price device was introduced. The authors from Samsung didnt take the trouble of finding the original name calling the novelty just the Galaxy Mini 2. Still if one starts to compare the first and the second mini it becomes evident that they are completely different. The new model is far superior to its predecessor and is apparently not a product of the lowest-price category.

Now it became a bit difficult to give classification to the Samsung models range. The price of the Galaxy Mini 2 is yet unknown but the present company portfolio has the devices with the worse characteristics. For instance, Galaxy Y produced in the autumn of the previous year, that was soon supplemented by the dual SIM Galaxy Y Duos. Of course, it is the price that has the first importance for that case. If it stays within the range $200-250 the Galaxy Mini 2 (GT-S6500D) has all the chances to become a best-seller. Why so? We are going to tell it later. As usual, lets start with examining of the design.


The information on the Galaxy Mini 2 has become accessible just recently, in February. The features of the device were then known, still, not in details. Anyway, the appearance of the smartphone depicted on the photo corresponds to reality. The smartphone looks exactly the same as on the first picture.

The previous Galaxy Mini (GT-S5570) was made to be both simple and bright. The black front panel and back cover were separated by the bright lettuce green interlayer of the sides. It gave the device an unusual appearance, however, thanks to the black color the device had quite strict style. For the Galaxy Mini 2 the designer found even better decisions.

Samsung Galaxy Mini 2

The front panel remained black. The eye is catched by the chromized glossy rim from plastic. Thanks to it the smartphone looks more presentable and much more expensive than it really is. As for the sides, they got the matt grey color. It looks attractive and unusual as well. Still the choice of the paint is to our mind doubtful as in the course of time quite visible worn spots may appear on the sides.

Samsung Galaxy Mini 2. The Back View

Yet the it the back cover that is the most alluring. It got the bright orange color or the dark yellow color with the orange tint it is difficult to name the color precisely. Anyway the appearance is very impressive. Seeing so bright colors one gets the desire to smile and touch the phone with own hands, to feel its relief. And the back cover has the places to feel as it is made from the durable, high-quality molded plastic.

Samsung Galaxy Mini 2. The Top View

The shape of the Galaxy Mini 2 matches its style it has distant resemblance to a soap remnant being very smooth and all rounded. Thanks to such a shape as well as to the extra grip on the back cover and small size of the smartphone it is convenient to hold the phone in the hands.

The Back Cover of the Samsung Galaxy Mini 2

Samsung managed to create a good smartphone for the youth. The device has bright, catchy appearance and high quality of the assembly (the phones hardware is made with great accuracy all the details fit one another). Besides, it doesnt remind of a painty toy the Galaxy Mini 2 has the presentable appearance, typical for an expensive device. Therefore it is important now that all the rest features are of high quality as well. Lets see if the producers managed to fulfill the task.

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Keith#10 9
That's an ingenious way of thiknnig about it.
Varsha#23 4
1- It would not delete them. IT WILL hoevwer move them around and you will have to re-arrange them to your liking,2- However with the picture gallery ALL of my pictures were sent to another folder and now I cannot view them in the Gallery. I have to go to my files then external SD then DCIM then pictures and then the folders I had originally assigned to my pictures. It honestly is a pain in the behind.3- IT WILL make all of your pictures be geo-tagged (BIG Security/Privacy Flaw) unless you manually turn off Use Wireless Networks prior to taking a picture. However this also disables Google Maps until you turn it back ON.I contacted Samsung to see if there was something else that perhaps I was missing. But apparently there is none except as described on -3-Hopefully if there are enough people complaining about that same issue MAYBE it will take them less than forever to change that BIG-A security risk.
Lluis #35 2

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Guest#43 3
Not all phones allow third party apps like the UC Browser to acsces the file system which is necessary to upload photos using the browser. Using a signed version of UC browser may help, but if that doesn't work you can always upload photos by sending a picture message to your Facebook email upload address.
Guest#55 5
Didn't know the forum rules allowed such briiallnt posts.
Guest#62 2
That kind of thinnikg shows you're an expert
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