Creative Sound Blaster Z sound card review

Software and effects

The design of the card is quite classical; however, the software has some innovations, which are focused on gamers and active users of network technologies. The main one is connected with the included microphone.

Software for Creative Sound Blaster Z. Fig. 1

Software for Creative Sound Blaster Z. Fig. 2

The microphone allows adjusting width of the taken beam for cutting undesirable sounds. This function works rather well, so it is possible to communicate in Skype even with the music turned on. The system of noise reduction works less effectively, sometimes even incorrectly, therefore, it is recommended to use contingently. The voice change is carried out quite accurately.

Software for Creative Sound Blaster Z. Fig. 3

Software for Creative Sound Blaster Z. Fig. 4

As for the rest, the program shell is a typical interface with a set of necessary functions. It is possible to install the type of the used system, and to adjust basic points. For example, there is a very useful function of setting the cut frequency for a subwoofer that is useful for the owners of combined systems.

Software for Creative Sound Blaster Z. Fig. 5

Software for Creative Sound Blaster Z. Fig. 6

Naturally, there is a mixer for all inputs and outputs, an equalizer, etc. Profiles of the user can be saved, or on the contrary ready game options can be taken.

Testing, personal opinion

For testing the audio card we used the widespread software of RightMark Audio Analyzer 6.2.3, having performed all preliminary settings under the technique of the manufacturer.

Measurement data Creative Sound Blaster Z

Detailed report.

The results are obtained by the simplest mode of connection of Front-out – Line-in, because of what we didn't receive the figures declared by the manufacturer, since the parameters of the input are much lower than the characteristics of DAC of frontal channels. Nevertheless, it is possible to state a low noise level which reaches a level of-100 dB even in such conditions.

Subjective listening was carried out in comparison with ESI Juli@, and when using monitors of middle class, subjectively we didn't hear any difference. It indirectly confirms the excellent quality of the frontal channels suitable for the organization of a stereosystem.

The output for the headphones didn't make such a good impression. It provides good volume, but the sound loses in details, therefore the quality is comparable only to the simplest amplifiers.

Generally, if we speak about the headphones priced at $50-100, this option can be used, but if higher price range variants are mentioned, the most optimal solution would be connection of the third-party amplifier to the frontal output.


As a whole the card Creative SoundBlaster Z will be a good choice for the people, wishing to combine the high quality of sounding and the advanced functions of communication in games and the Network. The model is obviously not focused on audiophiles, since high-quality DAC are installed only in the frontal outputs, there is no opportunity to change operational amplifiers, etc.

For its price the novelty provides rather high level of sounding, has а good onboard amplifier for the headphones and optical inputs. The microphone with a changeable beam width is a side benefit. It works quite accurately, and offers good opportunities for games or Skype.

Creative Sound Blaster Z price

Creative SoundBlaster Z can be bought for $90, and the next competitor seems to be ASUS Xonar DX, which is slightly cheaper.



The architecture of the solutions is very similar, as well as the quality of playback. Besides, ASUS has the advantage of a low-profile design, suitable for the small cases. Whereas the Creative attracts by more expanded set of effects and an included microphone.


  • reasonable price
  • high-class transformers (front)
  • adjustable microphone in a set


  • poor package

You can read and share your comments about the Creative Sound Blaster Z lower or at our forum.

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Lucian#12 3
ali ali's CommentWith no on-board memory it's unielkly to support EAX, which although old is still important for gamers. Probably best off with on of their archaic existing cards if you want a gaming advantage.
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